Updating album artwork on iphone

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For context, here's the hero pic for this article beside what it would look like with the proposed fix in place.

I hope Apple considers implementing this in i OS 6.something (and yes, I'll file a radar.) Because, damn.

If it's maximized, click the Restore Down button in the top-right corner. Arrange the i Tunes and Explorer windows so that they are beside one another on your computer monitor and not overlapping.

Use your mouse to click them and drag them into position, and use the mouse to drag their corners and resize them, if necessary, to make this possible.

You rip the disk but now that you play the song there is no album artwork.

This article will show you how to get album artwork.

That to me just show many simultaneous on-screen controls are jammed into the Music app screen.

Maybe allow for some of the less commonly used to start off hidden, and be revealed with a tap, and have list view as a double tap?

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Worse, there's a big black gap between the top of the album art and the bottom of the time bar.Album art has never been perfectly centered on the i Phone or i Pod touch Lock screens.It's been placed immediately on top of the slide-to-unlock bar.Update 2: Apple's own Podcasts app centers album art perfectly.Your friend just gave you a disk of some of some of their favourite music and they want you to enjoy it as well.

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