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So from now on, Tamamori Yuta, you're in the list of my Most Hottest Asian Artist....hehehehe hey..want to acting another story about Gokuesen...I just hope that his singing career will improve to be given more singing solos during the Kis-my-ft2\s performance.Olivia Grime – OUT NOW Northstar11 – Exodus K37 – Learn To Listen Feat.It's a big world and the Single Parent community wants to help you connect with singles in your area.

Ikemen Desu ne was my first Japanese, and I must say, considering i used to hate anything other than English, it was impressive.Nevertheless, you will really love him and his acting.Ikemen Desu ne was one of the first drama series i liked besides a couple of Korean ones that are not English...Anyways, lets hope i find something, Korean, Japanese or whatever, that is gonna be as good as English ones for me.I think that Yuta Tamamori has a bright future ahead of him.

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