Tate webquest updating cubism

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This inspired artists to mix primary pigments directly on their canvases in order to achieve additive color effects.Using a palette of just eight to ten colors they were able to achieve many variable and subtle effects.The effects can often mirror a stained glass window.Students will be given a 12x18" sheet of drawing paper.The differences can tell us a lot about the artist and how life was back then.

The impressionists used light, vibrant colors, sometimes mixed directly on the canvas, in strong contrast with the darker palettes of traditional art.Begin the class by looking at the two paintings above. Compare the differences in the use of color and pattern.One is an image inspired by Chagall's time in Belarus growing up, and the other was made while living in Paris. Explain to the students that Paris at the time was a major city and that most people during this time dressed what we would consider "fancy" all the time.With their pencils, they will draw 3-5 lines dividing the paper into puzzle pieces.Students will fill the pieces with their choice of colors and patterns.

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