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Download this and you'll see valid memory card blocks, similar to what you'd see on an actual PSX.(some saves may not show expected/valid contents, in which case you're probably out of luck trying to use that save file, download a different one) Click on the block in the right hand column you wish to import, and press the .First you must use a memory card manager utility to convert from one format to the format suitable for Retro Pie's PCSX-based emulators.One such tool is Memory Card Manager 1.4 by Aldo Vargas.

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In game you can then swap disks from the core disk options menu (under Options). Example for Metal Gear Solid: Metal Gear Solid (E) (Disc 1)Metal Gear Solid (E) (Disc 1).

This emulator is supplied for people who are running Retro Pie on more powerful x86 systems. See table at the bottom for alternative BIOS options that may or may not work.

lr-pcsx-rearmed utilises Retroarch configurations Add custom retroarch controls to the file in binddev = sdl: Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver (XBOX) bind backspace = Fast Forward bind \x A0 = player1 CROSS bind \x A1 = player1 SQUARE bind \x A2 = player1 CIRCLE bind \x A3 = player1 TRIANGLE bind \x A4 = player1 L1 bind \x A5 = player1 R1 bind \x A6 = player1 L2 bind \x A7 = player1 R2 bind \x A8 = player1 SELECT bind \x A9 = player1 START bind \x AA = Enter Menu bind \x AB = player1 L3 bind \x AC = player1 R3 bind \x AD = player1 LEFT bind \x AE = player1 RIGHT bind \x AF = player1 UP bind \x B0 = player1 DOWN bind up = player1 UP bind down = player1 DOWN bind right = player1 RIGHT bind left = player1 LEFT bind f1 = Save State bind f2 = Load State bind f3 = Prev Save Slot bind f4 = Next Save Slot bind f5 = Toggle Frameskip bind f7 = Show/Hide FPS bind f8 = Switch Renderer bind f11 = Toggle fullscreen bind f12 = Take Screenshot lr-pcsx-rearmed has a core option to improve graphical fidelity by doubling the normal resolution, producing a sharper 3D image, however all 2D bitmaps and texture maps retain the original resolution.

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