Hot tattooed men for dating

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which is probably where the idea of the tramp-stamp comes from.

It's easier to end up having sex with someone who is not terribly good at cost/benefit analysis.38.

"I feel like not enough of them want to make out with me.

I have none, my style is generally clean cut, hair parted to the side. I don't even want a tattoo, just a girl with one."16.

I've never been turned off by a girl because she has tattoos, but on more than a few occasions I've found tattoos to be incredibly sexy."I have trouble identifying with the decision to permanently put anything on one's skin, because I personally couldn't imagine anything worth inking on myself forever.

Folks with tats like to talk about them, too, and I don't have much to offer to that conversation."36.

And of course, the traditionalists would rather go without"No tattoos on boys. While I sometimes find guys with awesome tats smoking hot, I am far too painfully traditional to ever seriously date someone with a lot of tattoos," says Megan, 28.

It was pretty surprising when I found out my father's straight-laced accountant had a full sleeve of tattoos, but I guess with everyone and their mother getting them, I really shouldn't have been so shocked.I was really scared that I'd need to start looking anywhere but the tattoo, just sort of deny its existence."Then she came back with it, and it's a complete turn on. That being said, the tattoo is very well done and I loved her before the tattoo, just as I do now.I'll just say that I love her tattoo, but that tattoos on women in general turn me off."9. A friend of mine is absolutely stunning, but she just has so many tattoos littering her body that she is much less attractive because of it. "They can definitely enhance a woman's appeal, and I personally don't mind tattoos of any size.Most of my previous partners have had tattoos, none of them too excessive, and I quickly got to the point where I didn't even notice them.

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