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Each guitar has a story - whether it’s where it was played, when it was built or how it was treated.

Our guitar shop specializes in guitars for players and collectors.

The driver of the Pedal Pub has said she has no problem with the way the off-duty police officers responded to the water attack, but Johnson and Belanger have said they are considering their legal options.

'We are aware of the incident that happened Saturday evening involving six of our off duty police officers.

Chicago’s vintage guitar shop is located in Ravenswood just west of Lincoln Square.

Rock N Roll Vintage is your one stop shop in Chicago for new guitars, vintage guitars, Chicago guitar lessons, guitar pedals, and we are currently the largest synth dealer in the Midwest. Rock N Roll Vintage Guitar Shop carries Fender, Gibson, Martin, Gretsch, Rickenbacker and other popular guitars and basses including boutique amps.

Now I know what you're thinking, Not another Tube Screamer! Well, you'd be missing out if you dismiss this pedal as just another Tube Screamer ...

Sweating bullets in the Nashville heat and overwhelmed by the bustling showfloor at Summer NAMM 2017, I had the good fortune of meeting up with Mr.

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While the lucky guitarists who've ever played through any of these units will surely attest to the amazing tones that can be coaxed from a well-maintained and serviced tape echo unit, many modern ...Brrrrggggrrrrgrrgrrgggggggrgrggrrgrmmmmmmmggmm You know the sound this onomatopoeia represents. You’ve been in this room before, paced behind the writhing mass of human titillation generated before this claustrophobic rush of air a thousand times before now, but to say that each time was the same would be a ...Before the dual realities that I have virtually no hands-on electronics experience and extremely shaky hands had set in, it was a personal and far off dream of mine to build effects tailored to my exact guitar needs in the hopes that someday I could tailor effects to the needs of others. The Black Arts Toneworks Pharaoh Supreme is the final evolution of the legendary Pharaoh fuzz distortion pedal.Children in the Netherlands are cycling to work - in a bus.Inventor Thomas Tolkamp got the idea for the cycle school bus from the notorious beer bikes used by tourists to pedal round Amsterdam while drinking.

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