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Full of temerity, Danny continually attempts to defy the stigma attached to his blindness, which bothers him so much that he goes to extraordinary lengths to dupe people into believing he can see.He walks around the city without a cane or guide dog and continually bumps into things.Most of the songs play low in the background and thus sacrifice any potential dynamics, leaving a soundtrack not many layers deep.

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Stuck in the Indian tradition of arranged marriage, Leeza must decide between her familys wishes and her own while Danny battles with the prospect of seeing the world through the lens of a camera, synthetically connected to his brain.The substance of the film tends to lean on Dannys handicap and his character arc turns on accepting his disability.He struggles with the question of his appearance: is he attractive?Although his directing experience consists mostly of sporadic TV episodes and telefilms, a number of theatrical distributions dot his filmography.In 1995 he directed Billy Bob Thornton and Robert Duvall in The Stars Fell on Henrietta and again worked with Thornton, this time the story writer, on the 2001 comedy Camouflage starring Leslie Nielsen.

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